Where Should Subwoofer Be Placed With Soundbar

When you’re deciding where to place your soundbar, it’s important to consider where you’ll be sitting. If you’re going to be sitting directly in front of the screen, then you can put your soundbar right below or above it. If there’s going to be someone else watching TV with you, then placing your soundbar on a stand in front of the couch will give them an equally good experience as well.


If you’re going to be placing your soundbar on top of your entertainment center or fireplace mantle, then it’s best to put it as close as possible to the wall behind your TV. This will help prevent any interference from other electronics in the room (like your cable box or DVD player).

When placing a subwoofer with a soundbar, you want to keep the following in mind:

  • In Front of the TV: The most obvious place to put your subwoofer is right in front of the TV. This is generally the easiest way to go because it allows you to position your subwoofer wherever there’s room. With that said, this positioning isn’t ideal aesthetically, and depending on how big your soundbar is and how much power it offers, you may not need a subwoofer at all.
  • Next to the Couch: A good option if you have a lot of people coming over and don’t want them tripping over or kicking your subwoofer. You can also hide it under furniture if needed or tuck it away somewhere out of sight entirely.
  • On a Shelf: There are typically two main types of shelves for housing audio equipment: open shelving units (with no doors) versus closed shelving units (with doors). While closed shelving units offer more protection from dust and grime, many audiophiles prefer open shelving units because they feel that being able to breathe helps their speakers perform better overall.

Understanding The Subwoofer That Goes With Your Soundbar

A subwoofer amplifies the bass effects of your soundbar. It connects to the power outlet and connects to the soundbar via wires or Bluetooth. The placement of your subwoofer depends on where you’ve placed your soundbar, but it should be positioned closer to the front of the room. Consult manuals or labels before plugging in wires.

How Far Should the Subwoofer be From the Soundbar?

The subwoofer is an integral part of a soundbar because it creates the low frequencies that standard soundbars aren’t equipped to make. Subwoofers are very important because they form the boom and rumbling that you hear in movies, shows, and games. So if you have invested in a good quality soundbar and have a subwoofer that goes along with it, then make sure they are placed correctly.

When figuring out where to place your soundbar and subwoofer, there are many variables such as what size room you have, will the TV be wall-mounted, will the soundbar sit on top of the TV stand, etc. If possible, try to situate your soundbar to face where people will be sitting while watching TV or listening to music/podcasts/etc. Also, if possible, try not to put anything above or below your TV as this can cause reflections which can mess up the clarity of your audio output.

Can I Put a Subwoofer in a Cabinet?

Since most subwoofers are about the size of a shoebox, you can easily place them in a cabinet. However, if your unit is more significant than a shoebox, it’s probably best to keep that bad boy out in the open.

When you put a subwoofer inside or behind furniture, it closes off the sound waves that let you hear what’s going on with your music. The subwoofer relies on both back and front waves to produce balanced sound—so if you close off either side of those waves, it’ll make for an unbalanced listening experience. That’s why putting your subwoofer inside a sealed cabinet will make it sound worse.

Safety Measures to take when finding the perfect spot for your Subwoofer with Soundbar.

You have your subwoofer and soundbar. You’re ready to enjoy the best movie theatre experience with your home theatre system. However, aspiring movie producers should take note that the placement of their subwoofer is crucial to enjoying their cinematic masterpiece. There are several factors to consider when positioning your subwoofer in a room with a soundbar.

First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that a subwoofer should not be exposed to any liquids or water. In fact, most of them even come with warnings letting users know water exposure can damage the equipment beyond repair. This means you shouldn’t put it near any windows or doors where it could potentially get wet from rain or snow if not properly covered.

Secondly, if there are children around who may be tempted by a curiosity about this mysterious box emitting low-frequency sounds during movies (or just because they like jumping on things), then placing it somewhere out of reach would probably be wise for everybody involved!

On the other hand, if you’re using a soundbar for your primary audio entertainment center, then the subwoofer should be placed away from the main listening area but still close enough to the screen (if you have one) that it can project beyond where you and your guests will be sitting. The key is to avoid intruding on your soundbar’s first zone of direct reproduction while also keeping it close enough to provide bass tones that are felt more than they are heard when combined with the mid-and high-frequency speakers.

And always keep your eyes on how it looks: even if the best placement and performance don’t require a lot of furniture rearrangement, you don’t have much reason to have all those wires and cables running all over the place—especially if you never plan on leaving that room anyway.


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