Can You Connect A Soundbar To An AV Reciever?

A soundbar is designed as all-in-one audio, which is extremely good because is an easy way to beef your Audio sound to a more exciting level. they are also convenient and save up space which makes it easy to set up, though some soundbar is mounted on the wall and some can be placed on the shelf.


Soundbar also contains one or more amplifiers and processes incoming signals on their own, and the funny part is that not all soundbars are designed to provide sound, many other soundbars must be connected to a separate electronic subwoofer to function perfectly.

There are two types of soundbar which are Active soundbar and Passive soundbar, Active soundbar are extremely common, it is the best option when you want to get a soundbar because it is designed as an all-in-one function and also has been optimized to provide the best sound possible without the need for processing or further amplification. It is uncommon to connect an active soundbar to an AV receiver but it is possible.

Passive soundbar: unlike an active soundbar, a passive soundbar is the total complete opposite of the active soundbar. A passive soundbar does not contain any amplifier nor process incoming signal, passive soundbar is the best soundbar you can connect to an AV receiver because it needs a separate receiver or amplifier to function.

In this blog post, we will explain deeper how to can connect a soundbar to an AV receiver because it might seem complicated to a free timer or a novice, let’s hop in.

Why Would You Want To Connect A Soundbar To An AV Reciever?

There is always a purpose why people want to connect to an AV receiver to a soundbar either the Active soundbar or Passive soundbar, and there is only two option the first option is you want to use your soundbar as a center channel and the second option is you want to use it as the center, right and left channel.

Which Soundbar Can Connect To An Av Reciever?

A passive Soundbar is technically built to integrate with an existing receiver while an Active soundbar is not, but technically both an Active soundbar and Passive soundbar can connect to a receiver.

Can A Soundbar Work With An AV Reciever?

you can connect your soundbar with your AV receiver with both an Active soundbar and a Passive soundbar, but most recommended is to go with a passive soundbar because it is designed to use a receiver or amplifier to be connected. You should be prepared for the unexpected because it can be frustrating somethings. but with this blog post, it will be easy with the guild and steps listed here.

How To Connect a Passive Soundbar to Reciever

The passive soundbar is technically designed to connect to an AV receiver and the process to set it up is quick and easy. There are two different types of passive soundbars which are Single channel and Multi Channel passive soundbars, they are both simple to connect so it shouldn’t a problem.

Single channel passive soundbar has only one channel called the center channel, then if you want to connect the AV receiver you might want to connect it directly to the center output on your receiver.

Multi channels passive soundbar has three pairs of speaker wires or channels, which means it has a right channel, a left channel, and a central channel. Connect each to your receiver.

How To Connect an Active Soundbar to Reciever

Connecting an active soundbar to a receiver isn’t the best option, however, it is possible to connect to the receiver be it will provide a temporary solution because the sound quality provided isn’t going to be good.

owning a passive soundbar that is technically designed for a receiver is the best option which is arent that common.

however, if you want to connect an Active soundbar to a soundbar you will need an RCA to 3.5mm (Aux) or an RCA to RCA cable for your receiver and soundbar, Your AV receiver should have a pre-out at the center channel and an RCA itself.

There are different ways to connect your AV receiver to the soundbar, so I will list 2 different ways below.

Using an Optical Cable

Connecting a soundbar to an AV receiver with an optical cable is the easiest way to set up your home theater system. In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your soundbar to an AV receiver with an optical cable.

Turn off your AV receiver and unplug it from the power source. Connect one end of the optical cable to the “Optical” port on the back of your AV receiver (or “Digital Audio Out” if there’s no “Optical” port). Connect the other end of the optical cable to the “Optical In” port on your soundbar. Plug in your AV receiver and turn it on.

Using an HDMI cableĀ 

Your soundbar should have come with a cable that you can use to connect it to your TV. If not, you’ll need to purchase one. In this article, we’ll show you how to connect a soundbar using HDMI.

Connect the HDMI cable from your soundbar’s ARC input to the ARC output on your TV. This is where the other end of the cable should be connected if it’s available on your TV. Then connect the optical audio cable from your TV’s optical out port to the optical in port on your speaker system. Finally, plug both power cords into AC outlets and turn them on.

Connecting a soundbar to an AV receiver is quite a simple process. The soundbar itself will have to be connected the same way you would connect speakers, with the cables usually labeled as input and output. However, the settings on your AV receiver will also need to be adjusted for it to send signals to the soundbar.


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