Are Car Stereos Waterproof Or Water-Resistant?

Most car stereos are either waterproof or water-resistant. Waterproof car stereos are completely protected from both water and moisture. Water-resistant car stereos only offer some protection against moisture, but they aren’t completely sealed and should not be submerged in water. Many modern car stereos include features that will protect them from water damage.  Waterproof or … Read more

Are Single Din Stereos Universal?

Yes, you can use a single din stereo in place of a double din stereo. A double din stereo is four inches tall and a single din stereo is two inches tall. So what you do to get it to fit properly is put it in the mounting sleeve which is pictured above. Now if … Read more

What Is A Marine Stereo – What Does It Do

Marine stereos are audio systems that are built to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor environments. They are designed for small boats and large ones alike, including for vessels such as yachts, jet skis, motorboats, and others. However, the marine stereo category also includes units that don’t have to be used outdoors — those that … Read more

How To Remove Double Din Stereo Without Keys

Are you struggling with removing the Double Din stereo simply because car manufacturers created car double din stereo in a secure way that will require a key or mechanical engineering help to remove it? However, there are different ways you can remove double din stereo without using keys and without the support of mechanical engineer … Read more

How To Make Door Speakers Sound Better

Sound deadening, and speaker installation requires some knowledge and understanding of how speakers work. Whether you are building your custom door audio upgrade or installing speakers in stock at 6.5-inch side-mount locations, this is true. You want your door speakers to sound the best they can without being too loud. There are many ways to … Read more

How To Organize Music On USB For Car

If you love music, then chances are you have quite a collection. Having a few gigs worth of music on your phone, tablet and computer are not unusual. However, if you’ve ever tried to use the local storage of your phone or MP3 player, then you’ll have quickly discovered that it just isn’t enough for … Read more


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