How To Remove Double Din Stereo Without Keys

Are you struggling with removing the Double Din stereo simply because car manufacturers created car double din stereo in a secure way that will require a key or mechanical engineering help to remove it?


However, there are different ways you can remove double din stereo without using keys and without the support of mechanical engineer help. So, In this post helpful, I will be sharing some doable tips and steps on How To Remove Double Din Stereo Without Keys.

If you want to remove the double din stereo without the key, it will involve taking out the dash apart until the side is visible to you. Before you try to remove the restraint brackets you will have to remove the 4 small silver screws holding it down.

Before removing the double din stereo there are some things you have to do and get which are within your reach.

Do you need to disconnect the car battery before changing the stereo?

Before removing the double din stereo you have to ensure your safety by first disconnecting your battery’s ground wire. it is not advisable to work on electrical components of a vehicle that is connected to the battery.

Ensure you remove the black wire connected to the battery under the hood of your car. before anything else.

What Should I Use To Remove Double Din Stereo?

Screwdrivers, wire cutters, and covering tape which is dedicated for use of cars, are the necessary Din tools that are used while operating on both single din and double din stereo.

these are the things you need to do and get before removing the double din stereo. now, let’s get into the steps and process.

How To Remove a Double DIN Car Stereo Without Using DIN Tools or Keys

It’s simple to take out double DIN stereos. you just have to notice that there are four holes, two on each side of the faceplate.

In those holes there place four small silver screws inside the holes, which you have to remove.

With a flathead screwdriver which is the only tool that will allow you to remove the car dash without causing any damage, When you try to unscrew the 4 small silver screws, the dash will not become trapped inside the dashboard.

After you’ve finished unscrewing everything, grab the stereo with both hands and lift it out of the dash panel.

If you don’t notice any such holes, I recommend reading the user handbook to locate the locking points. Once you’ve found those areas, push the lock and slide the stereo out of the dash with the screwdrivers.

After you’re done, disconnect the wires with care.

How Do You Remove a Pioneer Double Din Stereo?

Removing Pioneer Double Din stereo is very easy, make sure you follow the steps below.

  • The first step is removing the trim ring which goes around the stereos by using your hands. the trim is held by clips that can be easily pulled off.
  • In the second step, you will have to insert the extraction keys into the slides of the stereo.
  • Third Step you will have to pull out the stereo, what will have to do is pull on the extraction keys to pull the stereo out of the dashboard.

How Do I Remove An Aftermarket Double Din?

There is a different vehicle like ford, Mercury, or Lincoln which has aftermarket double din stereo in them.

  • To remove the aftermarket double din, you will have to insert the ford DIN removal keys into the holes at the side of the double din stereo face.
  • Push the Din removal tools into the unit which will lock into place.
  • Push outward with a little force on the tools while sliding the stereo from the dock.

Removing a double din stereo without keys is not difficult. All you’ll need is to follow the steps and process in this content and be patient while working on the process.

The first and most important step is to unplug your vehicle’s battery. It will keep you from being hurt when working on a stereo system.


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