The Turbo Debt Review

Turbo Debt Relief is a debt settlement company that negotiates with your creditors to lower the amount you owe. They aim to reduce your debt by up to 50-60% over 2-4 years.


How the Turbo Dept Program Works

The process starts with a free consultation to review your situation. If you enroll, you’ll stop paying your creditors and instead pay Turbo Debt monthly. They hold these funds in a separate account to save up for settlement offers.

  1. Stop making payments to creditors. This allows debts to become delinquent so creditors are more willing to negotiate.
  2. Save money in your Turbo Debt account. They determine a monthly payment amount based on your debts and financial situation. It typically takes 2-4 years of payments to have enough saved to settle all accounts.
  3. Turbo Debt negotiates with creditors. Once there are sufficient funds, they work to get the lowest settlement amount possible, usually for 50-60% of the original debt. Creditors often accept lower offers to recover at least some money owed.
  4. Funds are paid out and debts resolved. As each creditor agrees to a settlement and you approve the offer, money is paid from your Turbo Debt account. Debts are then considered resolved.

Using a debt settlement company is risky since your credit will be damaged from not paying creditors. However, for those in serious debt, Turbo Debt can be an option to escape overwhelming balances you have little chance of repaying otherwise. The key is staying committed to their program until all of your debts have been settled.

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The Turbo Debt Reviews

The Turbo Debt Review

The following are what you need to know before signing up:

1. The Positive Part

Many customers report that Turbo Debt’s customized plan helped them pay off debt faster. The software analyzes your debts and income to create a tailored payoff strategy. Some say the negotiated lower interest rates and automated payments made their debt seem more manageable. The educational resources and one-on-one coaching also provide motivation and guidance.

2. The Negative Part

Not everyone achieves the fast payoff times advertised. Some struggled to get out of debt even after years of paying expensive monthly fees. A few complained the program lowered their credit scores or caused missed payments. The fees, while lower than other debt relief services, still add to your overall debt burden.

Turbo Debt may work if you have a stable income, are committed to becoming debt-free, and need guidance and structure. However, if your debt situation is complex, fees seem too high, or you’re uncomfortable giving a company access to your accounts, you’re probably better off negotiating with creditors yourself or using free resources to create your own debt payoff plan.

Every person’s situation is different. While some Turbo Debt reviews show amazing success, for others the program simply didn’t live up to expectations. The only way to know if their approach can eliminate your debt is to try it—but go in with realistic expectations about how long it may take and how much you’ll end up paying. If it’s not working after a few months, don’t be afraid to try another strategy.

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Our in-Depth Analysis of Real Customer Complaints

Turbo Debt’s reviews seem to fall into two camps: those who had a good experience with the debt settlement company, and those who felt misled or taken advantage of. As with any company, some complaints are unavoidable. However, after analyzing hundreds of customer reviews and complaints, some concerning patterns emerged that you should be aware of before signing up for their services.

1. Fee Disclosures Were Confusing and Misleading

A common complaint was that Turbo Debt’s fees and terms were not clearly explained upfront. Some customers said they were told fees were “only” a percentage of the debt amount, but didn’t understand additional monthly fees would also apply. Others felt blindsided by hidden termination penalties if they wanted to leave the program early. Make sure you understand the full details of their fee structure before enrolling in any debt relief program.

2. Promises of Fast Results Didn’t Materialize

Turbo Debt advertises that they can eliminate debt in as little as 24 to 48 months. However, some customers said their debts remained largely unchanged after years of working with Turbo Debt and making hefty monthly payments. Debt settlement can be a lengthy process, so be wary of any company offering promises that seem too good to be true.

3. It Lack Communication and Follow Through

A frustrating pattern in the complaints was Turbo Debt’s poor customer service and lack of follow through. Some said their contact person would stop responding or become impossible to reach. Others felt that Turbo Debt did not adequately negotiate with creditors or failed to prevent harassing calls from creditors as promised. Make sure any debt relief company you work with assigns you a dedicated contact person and has a track record of professional customer service.

While some customers do report positive experiences with Turbo Debt, the concerning complaints regarding misleading fees, unfulfilled promises, and poor customer service should make you think twice before signing on with them. If you do choose to use their services, ensure you understand all terms and fees in writing first, and keep records of all communications in case issues arise later on.

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There are other reputable debt relief companies with more transparent practices and a proven track record of actually helping customers settle their debts.


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