The Evolution Golf Cart Review

The Evolution golf cart is a popular choice for zipping around neighborhoods, campsites, and golf courses. Owners love these carts for their stylish designs, comfortable seating, and smooth handling.


Evolution golf carts come in two-seater and four-seater models so you can cruise solo or bring along friends and family. The seats are padded, adjustable, and some even recline for maximum comfort. These carts handle well on a variety of terrain thanks to their sturdy frames, quality components, and responsive steering.

People frequently use Evolution carts for:

  1. Exploring campgrounds and RV parks
  2. Running errands in casual neighborhoods
  3. Cruising golf courses (of course!)
  4. Light yard work and gardening
  5. Evening rides at sunset

You can buy the Evolution golf cart using the below link:


Key Features and Benefits of the Evolution Golf Cart

The Evolution Golf Cart Review

Below are some of the key features owners love:

1. Power and Performance

With a choice of gas or electric models, you’ll get a cart that suits your needs. Gas carts provide more power and longer range, perfect for larger courses, while electric carts are quieter and more eco-friendly. Both options have a top speed of up to 19 mph so you’ll get where you need to go quickly.

2. Comfort and Convenience

The Evolution comes with a roomy, ergonomic interior so you can ride in comfort. High-back bucket seats provide lumbar support and thick padding. There’s also extra legroom, storage compartments, and cup holders to keep your gear close at hand.

3. Customization

Make your Evolution golf cart uniquely yours with custom paint colors, upholstery, wheels, and accessories like enclosed cabs, cargo boxes, and sound systems. There are lots of options to outfit your cart however you like.

4. Durability

Built to handle tough terrains, the Evolution golf cart is a sturdy, solidly-constructed vehicle. Its aircraft-grade aluminum frame and long-lasting, maintenance-free AGM batteries stand up well to heavy use and exposure to outdoor elements. Owners say their Evolution carts have held up for many years of reliable service.

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What People Love About the Evolution Golf Cart

The following are some of the top highlights from customer reviews:

1. Reliability and Low Maintenance

Owners frequently comment on the dependability and longevity of their Evolution golf carts. With routine care and service, many report still using carts that are 10-15+ years old with thousands of hours of use. The electric models in particular require little maintenance beyond tire pressure checks, charging, and the occasional brake adjustment or replacement.

2. Smooth, and Quiet Ride

The independent rear suspension provides a smooth ride over uneven terrain. Owners say even after years of use, the ride quality is still impressive. The electric models are also praised for being extremely quiet, allowing owners to enjoy nature while driving.

3. Customizable and Versatile

From seating options to exterior colors to accessories, Evolution golf carts can be highly customized to an owner’s needs and tastes. Owners love being able to configure their cart to suit different purposes, whether for golfing, utility needs or recreational use. The electric models can also be upgraded to faster speeds for more versatility.

4. Has Great Value

For the quality and features offered, owners frequently comment that Evolution golf carts offer an excellent value. While not the cheapest carts available, their dependability, custom options and smooth performance make them worth the investment for many owners.

5. Good Customer Service

Owners regularly give praise to the customer service provided by Evolution. From the buying experience to parts and service after the sale, the majority of reviews highlight the helpful, knowledgeable staff and their commitment to addressing any issues that arise promptly and professionally.

Common Complaints and Issues With the Evolution

Below are a few of the complaints and problems you may encounter:

1. The Battery Life

The lead acid batteries in the Evolution only last 2 to 5 years, depending on usage and how well they’re maintained. Replacing the entire set can cost $600 to $1,200, a big downside for many owners. Some recommend switching to lithium ion batteries which last longer, but they require an upgraded charger and are more expensive upfront.

2. Rough Ride

The suspension and solid rear axle on the Evolution cart can make for a bumpy ride, especially on uneven terrain. The lack of independent rear suspension means both wheels move together, so when one hits a bump, the whole cart feels it. Some owners install shock absorbers or replace the solid axle with an independent rear suspension to improve the ride quality.

3. Limited Storage

For a golf cart, storage space in the Evolution is fairly minimal. The small underseat compartments and glove box may not be enough for all your gear. Adding extra storage boxes, bags or a rear trunk kit are popular upgrades for more storage capacity.

4. Difficulty Accessing Parts

Some components like the controller, charger, fuse block and other parts are hard to access for troubleshooting electrical issues or repairs. The controller in particular is mounted under the seat and can require partial disassembly just to check error codes. This can make diagnosing any problems more complicated and time-consuming.

5. Additional Upgrades Needed

The base model Evolution golf cart is pretty basic. Many owners end up customizing their carts with upgrades like lifted suspension, alloy wheels, performance motors, custom paint jobs, stereo systems and more. While fun, these additions also increase the overall cost of ownership.

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In conclusion, going in with realistic expectations about these potential downsides, the Evolution can still make a great recreational vehicle. But for some, the additional costs and effort required to improve ride, handling, storage and other factors may outweigh the benefits.


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