Can Soundbar Be Placed -Behind- TV

This question has been asked can a soundbar be placed behind a TV set:  A soundbar is an essential piece of equipment for your home entertainment system. It enhances the audio track on whatever you’re watching, whether it’s a movie, TV show, or sports event. It is possible to place your soundbar behind the TV but that will depend on your entertainment setup.


The only problem with the soundbar is that sometimes it won’t fit where you like to place it. If you have a short TV and a thicker soundbar, you might be tempted to place the soundbar behind the TV.

Thankfully, there are many different locations where you can place your soundbar so that its audio quality isn’t compromised, and it fits perfectly in your entertainment setup. One of these locations is behind your TV. This is a great way to save space if there isn’t much room where your TV sits.

If you have decided that placing your soundbar behind the TV is right for you, there are some essential things to consider before doing this (like how to set up the remote).

Can You Put a Soundbar Behind a TV?

The answer to the question “Can you put a soundbar behind a TV” is an unequivocal YES. However, understanding how each placement fits into your home theater experience can help you make the most of it.

Does It Matter If You Mount the Soundbar Above, or Below The TV?

It doesn’t matter whether you mount your soundbar on top or below or your Tv. What matters is for you to place it where there will be no hindrance to the quality of the sound coming out from the soundbar. The only important thing is to mount it where there is no obstacle in front of the speaker and your seat position.

For example, if you place a soundbar on a side table directly in front of your couch, it may be difficult to get the best quality sound because you will obstruct part of the audio with your body as you sit down. Ensuring that it’s facing you and not resting behind your television on a shelf or back wall will ensure that everyone can enjoy surround sound.

Why Would You Ever Put a Soundbar Behind

As a new soundbar owner, you’re probably excited to set everything up and watch your favorite films, TV shows, and music videos in glorious surround sound. So why would you ever want to put a soundbar behind your TV?

While it’s true that most people install their soundbars directly under the television, there are reasons why you might want to look at an alternate arrangement. Check out our guide below to see if any of these scenarios apply to you:

  • Blocking the signal from your remote control
  • Blocking the signal from your Wi-Fi router
  • Lighting issues
  • Concern about children pulling wires loose on a front-facing speaker system.

Disadvantages of soundbar being placed behind the TV.

  • You can’t easily access the soundbar. Some people, who put their soundbar behind the TV, often forget about it and, as a result, don’t clean it regularly. It can collect dust and other dirt which can lead to overheating of the device.
  • To keep your audio system in good condition, you should go behind the TV every time you want to clean it or change settings. If you have no intention of doing this – never put your soundbar behind the TV!
  • The dialogue may be lost in the mix without speakers above or beside the TV. Depending on how much bass is present on the audio track can impact this somewhat too but I definitely feel there are advantages to both a TV speaker and an external speaker setup like a Sound Bar!

What To Do to Enhance the Audio-Visual Experience

If you choose to place the soundbar behind your TV, you may find that it may need some adjusting for the overall audio-visual experience in your home. We can confirm that it is not recommended to place the soundbar behind your TV, but if you choose to do so anyway, you may need to make some adjustments.

This is because the positioning and angle of the soundbar speakers will play a large part in how everything sounds. When you position a soundbar in front of your TV, you hear everything coming from one direction, and it helps keep things more organized. If you place your soundbar behind your TV, this causes the speakers to be off-axis with respect to where we would typically expect the sound to come from.

In addition, depending on the design of your soundbar and its particular configuration of drivers (tweeter for highs, mid-range for midst, subwoofers for bass), some frequencies might be louder than others relative to the distance from each driver or tweeter on a given speaker versus another speaker’s driver or tweeter.

For example: if there are three drivers on each left/right speaker at varying heights or distances from one another (highs/midst/lows), then these frequencies might not blend as well with each other when located behind an object like a large-screened HDTV because they are no longer aligned vertically along an axis pointing towards our ears; instead, they’re pointing upwards at various angles towards either side (left/right) of us while also being blocked by our TV screen somewhat!

The result is those specific frequencies–those whose wavelengths are such that their crests land between two adjacent speakers–will be heard at different volumes. In contrast, others will appear muted due to being blocked entirely by something else in their path.


Consider the above points when deciding on a soundbar location. Mounting the soundbar under or above the TV is subjective and depends on how your home theater system is set up, what equipment you have and where you will be placing it. As long as you consider these factors, then you will find that a soundbar can be mounted in any of these locations.


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