Can Soundbar- Go- Above- TV

Owning a quality soundbar is vital – but that’s not enough. To enjoy the best quality sound out of it, its placement amongst other factors is equally important. Soundbar can be placed above the TV area alongside several other suitable positions. If done right, you’ll enjoy quality sound. This post will show you how to position your soundbar in a way that you will enjoy.


The soundbar is a popular choice for home theaters because of its ease of installation and simple setup. It is also a popular choice for people who do not have space or money for a full surround sound system. Soundbars have become more popular as TVs have become thinner and flatter.

This is because when the TV was thicker, it contained all the speakers needed to provide adequate sound quality. With the advent of flat-screen TVs, there was no longer room within the TV to house these speakers, thus creating a need for something like the soundbar to provide audio to accompany your video experience.

Can I Place My Soundbar Above The TV?

Can the soundbar go above the tv? Yes, it can. However, you must consider a few things before you do so. The benefits of mounting a soundbar above your TV are that you can hear the sound better, and it is out of the way.

However, there are some drawbacks to this placement, too. Your TV could be blocking the speakers, resulting in muffled audio quality. If you have a wall-mounted TV, it is best to mount the soundbar under it.

Mounting them together will give you more options for placement while still allowing full access to all controls on both devices without any confusion or getting tangled up in wires! But if your TV stands on its own table or stands—especially if that stand is made up of several wooden panels—it may be difficult to connect between them because they’re not lined up perfectly (or even close).

If so, consider mounting your equipment closer together so they don’t overlap when viewed from one side: just enough space between them so that their edges touch with no gap visible at eye level from either side!

Wall Mounting a Soundbar

It’s super common for people to mount their soundbar above their TV, either directly attached to the wall or in an entertainment center. As long as it’s not too high up, you should be good! Most importantly, soundbars are mounted as close to ear level as possible (if you can see your TV correctly without bending or straining, you’re probably at the right height).

Mounting your soundbar slightly lower and angling it up will work too but scaling it much higher won’t solve anything. If you have a powerful subwoofer, try mounting it on the floor to direct the bass towards your ears. Good luck with this project!

Does mounting a Soundbar above the TV harm the audio quality?

A soundbar is a thin, long speaker designed to project sound toward the listener. It’s typically mounted below the TV screen and has several drivers responsible for producing different sound frequencies. Some soundbars are designed to be mounted on the wall. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when you place a soundbar above your TV screen instead of underneath it, you run the risk of degrading its audio quality due to reflected sounds.

Sound waves created by a loudspeaker are directional; they’re meant to travel straight out from the speaker instead of traveling both up and down. When you position a soundbar above your television, it will direct some of its sounds towards your ceiling rather than at you — enough so that the audio quality is noticeably affected.

This is because when some of those higher frequencies reach your ceiling, they’ll bounce off and return as reflections that degrade the overall sound quality coming from your speaker.

Can the soundbar go above the tv? Yes, it can. However, you must consider a few things before you do so

Carefully consider your options before you mount the soundbar above your TV. Extra care needs to be taken if the wall is made of concrete, as it will require a specific type of drill and masonry bit.

If you do decide to place your soundbar above the TV, make sure there’s enough space for the soundbar to breathe. Most soundbars have vents on their sides, so they need air circulation in order to perform at their best. Also, make sure that any cords are properly secured, as they could get caught on something and potentially pull or damage device if left loose.

The exceptions

Let’s first look at the exceptions to this rule:

  • If your soundbar has a radio, it must be placed within view of the remote control for that radio. This will generally mean beneath the television and not above it.
  • If your soundbar is equipped with a remote (as many are), you should not place it above the tv because then the remote won’t be able to communicate with it.
  • The exceptions to this are soundbars with upward-firing elements and surround sound features, which have specific placement requirements depending on the model. For example, Samsung’s HW-MS650/ZA Sound+ 7.1.4ch Soundbar requires front speakers to be installed in order for its upward-firing speakers to work properly; if you don’t do this, they’ll mess up your surround sound setup and make things worse than they would be if you had just put them on top of your TV instead of having no real place for them at all.

What is a Soundbar?

The soundbar is a rectangular speaker cabinet typically mounted under or above the display, though you can also mount it on a wall.

It houses multiple speakers (two or more) channels and can have a wireless or wired subwoofer. Depending on your design, it will offer different features such as surround sound.

In conclusion, there are many ways to mount a soundbar. Some people prefer to mount the soundbar over their TV, while others choose to put it on the wall below their TV. Either way works fine, but it’s important that you choose a method that is right for you and your home.


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