Are Double Din Stereos Universal – Know Which 2Din Unit Will Fit Your Car

A double-din automotive stereo system is a great way to add features, music, and video to your car. But there’s a lot of confusing information out there about double DIN stereos. One of the most common questions is whether double DIN stereos are universal or not.


No! Double din stereos are not universal as each double din stereo is designed for by different brands and automobiles. If it is time to change your car radio and you are thinking if just any double din stereos will fit in?

No, it won’t. Because different cars come with different spaces to accommodate radios.

There are a lot of things to consider before selecting which car stereo you want to mount in your car.

In this article, I’ll help you with the information you need when it comes to buying a double din stereo that fits your vehicle.

Why Are Double Din Radios Not Universal?

Although most double din radios measure about 4 inches by 7 inches (100mm by 180mm) in height and width. They differ in shape. The differences in their design and shapes are what make double din stereos not universal and that’s why all double din radios can not fit all types of cars.

Stereo manufacturers have their specific designs and models, these models vary slightly in shapes and sizes. Usually, manufacturers would list the brands and models of cars that are compatible with their products.

So, when you want to buy a double din radio, make sure to always check the label on the stereo package to know if it can fit in perfectly for your car.

For an aftermarket stereo, tell the seller your car brand and model. You can as well measure your stereo head unit to be sure that you’re getting a fit stereo.

Will Any Double Din Stereo Fit My Car?

No, not all double din will fit your car. This is because different manufacturers produce stereos with different shapes and dimensions. For you to get a good fit for your car, you must buy a stereo that has the same dimensions as the one your head unit is designed for.

You can always use a tape rule to measure the sizes of your head unit.

If your car can accommodate a double-DIN stereo and you want one, they’re easy to find and install. However, before you go shopping, it’s important to understand that not all double-DIN stereos will fit in every car. While the shape of the stereo is standardized, other aspects are up to individual manufacturers.

You must also consider the precision tolerance of the stereo and your head unit. So it doesn’t leave any gap between the stereo and the unit.

How Can I Make Any Double Din Radio Fit My Car?

You can use a dash kit to install a double din stereo all other accessories that come with it. With a dash kit, you will be able to install almost any double din stereo in your car.

Although, the standard measurement of a double din radio is 4×7″ – there are still some little variations in their dimensions and shape.

But, this is not to say you can not install other double din stereos that are not specifically designed for your car. How then can I install any double din fit?

However, it is sometimes hard to find a dash kit that is compatible with your radio head unit and the stereo. If you can find the right dash kit for your car, aftermarket stereo sellers can help you find one and help out with the installation of any double din stereo you want.

There is no limit to what stereo fits your car, just almost any type of stereo will fit. But you have to measure the size of the current radio that you want to replace to be able to find the one that will size well.

If your current radio is a single din, you can either replace it with another single din radio or a double din radio depending on your dash area head unit compatibility. Usually not compatible.

Always communicate what you already have and what you want with the seller. Their advice will help you make a good choice.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Double Din

All double din radios have a standard size of 4×7″ in height and width.

If you want to replace your factory radio with an aftermarket unit, you need to measure the size of the factory stereo/CD player to be sure it’s a double din.

Different Sizes Of Car Head Unit

Automobile manufacturers build and design car radio head units in different sizes. The most common of these car stereo sizes are 2×4″ for single din stereos and 4×7″ for double din.

Single Din Radio also called 1Din radio has a standard size of 2″×7″ (50mm×180mm) in height and width. Most automobile radios will fit perfectly into the 1Din slot without any need for extra kit or dash adjustment. This is because it’s the most common type of head unit din. Although, some din models will require some modifications and or installation kits.

Double Din stereos are head unit din that has the same width as the single din stereos (7 inches) but twice its height (4 inches). If your head unit has similar measurements, installing a double din stereo is quite great because you’re set to enjoy some extra features. Some double din stereo models feature LCD screens for video playback and GPS navigation.

1.5Din Radio is a non-standard din size. Many believe that vehicle manufacturers designed these types of din sizes to discourage users from buying aftermarket stereo. However, aftermarket stereo manufacturers are now producing this custom size 1.5 din stereos. So, if your car slot is designed for a 1.5 din, you can find an aftermarket fit.

It is mostly found in Chrysler and GM vehicles.

If your car brand/make has a shallow dash opening that 2Din radios will not naturally fit, you might want to go for a 1.5 din stereo with custom installation. 1Din stereos can easily be installed into a 2Din slot. The extra space above the head can be used to pocket the remote and other accessories.

Whether you have chosen a 1Din stereo or 2Din stereo or even the uncommon 1.5 din stereo, it is important to know that no one head unit din type is universal. This is because each model is designed with different shapes and sizes.

The above article would have guided you on how to find the one that will fit your type of car and model.


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