The Eyysones Shop Review

Eyysones is an online shop featuring unique home decor, accessories, and gifts. They offer an eclectic collection of products from around the world, with many handcrafted and fair trade items.


Eyysones prides itself on ethical and sustainable practices. They work with artisans and small businesses, paying fair wages and using eco-friendly materials and production methods whenever possible. This helps support communities and preserves traditional crafts and skills that are at risk of disappearing.

Facts About the Eyysones Shop Products

The Eyysones Shop Review

The following are some facts about the Eyysones Shop Products:

1. Quality Products

You will find high quality, stylish products that stand out from mass-produced goods.

Some of the offerings include:

  • Colorful textiles like hand woven baskets, rugs, pillows and hammocks
  • Handcrafted jewelry made from natural materials
  • Whimsical decorations like dream catchers, wall art, candles and lanterns
  • Useful items such as leather journals, yoga mats, and kitchen tools

The products are hand selected to reflect an artistic bohemian style that celebrates culture, nature and adventure. Prices range from $20 to $500 for larger furniture pieces, so there’s something for any budget.

2. Customer Service

Eyysones provides great customer service and shipping is always free within the contiguous US. They frequently run sales and promotions, and offer a rewards program for loyal customers. Returns are easy if you’re not completely satisfied.

Evaluating Eyysones’ Product Quality

Here are a few things you should know about their product quality:

1. Materials and Construction

Eyysones uses a mix of materials in their clothing, from polyester and rayon to cotton and spandex blends. In general, their materials feel pretty standard for the price point. The cotton items I’ve ordered have been soft and breathable, while the polyester dresses drape nicely.

Construction seems to vary a bit between pieces. Some of their t-shirts and tanks feel sturdier, like they’ll hold up well over time, whereas a few of their knit dresses have loose threads or uneven seams. For the most part, though, Eyysones’ clothes meet basic quality expectations for fast fashion brands.

2. Sizing

Eyysones’ sizing charts can be a little off. I’ve found their tops and dresses to run on the larger side, usually needing to size down for the best fit. Their pants are more true to size but the waistbands don’t always have a lot of stretch. If you’re between sizes or have a curvier figure, you may want to order a size down for tops and dresses and your usual size for bottoms. Returns are free so don’t hesitate to buy a couple of sizes if needed.

3. Overall Impression

For trendy and budget-friendly clothing, Eyysones is a pretty good option. While quality and sizing can be hit or miss, their styles are cute and prices affordable. If you go in with realistic expectations about the materials and construction, you’ll likely find some new wardrobe favorites. Just be prepared for possible fit adjustments and loose threads, and you’ll get your money’s worth from their fast fashion looks.

Assessing the Variety of Eyysones’ Product Selection

Eyysones offers a wide range of products to suit different styles and budgets. Whether you’re looking for trendy fast fashion or investment pieces, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

1. Clothing

Eyysones’ clothing selection includes everything from athletic apparel and t-shirts to dresses, pants, and outerwear. They frequently release new styles to keep up with current fashion trends. However, some pieces seem cheaply made and don’t last long. I’ve had mixed experiences with their sizing as well, finding some items run small or large. For the price though, you can’t beat the variety.

2. Shoes

Eyysones sells a variety of footwear like sneakers, sandals, heels, boots, and slippers. Their shoe styles are very affordable but quality can be questionable. The materials and construction don’t always feel durable. That said, their shoe selection is always changing, so you may be able to find some well-made pairs if you check back regularly.

3. Accessories

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Eyysones offers everything from jewelry and watches to handbags, belts, hats, and more. Their accessories are very budget-friendly but follow fast fashion trends, so styles may not last long. However, this section frequently has sales where you can score items for a steal.

4. Home Goods

In addition to apparel and accessories, Eyysones sells home decor, linens, gadgets, and other home goods. Products range from picture frames and candles to kitchen tools, bath towels, and bedding. The quality varies quite a bit here as well, but can be suitable for basic home needs, especially if you catch a good sale.

Examining Eyysones’ Pricing and Value

Eyysones is known for offering trendy clothing and accessories at affordable prices. However, some critics argue their low costs come at the expense of fair wages and ethical working conditions. Let’s examine Eyysones’ pricing model and see if their bargains are really worth it.

Eyysones keeps prices low through a few key strategies. They manufacture most of their clothing in large factories overseas where labor and production costs are cheaper. While outsourcing isn’t inherently unethical, Eyysones has faced criticism over poor working conditions and low pay in some of these factories.

They’re also able to price so competitively by producing clothing and accessories made of inexpensive, synthetic materials rather than high-quality, natural fibers. The fabrics may not breathe as well or last as long, but they get the job done for the price. Some see this as a reasonable trade-off for budget-friendly fashion, while others argue it promotes a “disposable” clothing culture.

In addition, Eyysones’ trendy yet affordable styles appeal to younger generations and those on a tight budget. By targeting this massive market segment, they’re able to sell high volumes of merchandise and still turn a profit. However, some say their marketing tactics specifically target impressionable youth and promote overconsumption.

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Eyysones frequently offers sales, coupons and promo codes to drive sales. They’re able to discount so often because their profit margins remain high even with markdowns. While customers enjoy scoring deals, critics argue these “sales” trick people into buying more than they need.

The truth is that it is a SCAM just be careful.


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