Review of the LEGO App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle

The LEGO App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle is an exciting new set that lets you build four different vehicle models and then control them using a free LEGO app on your smart device.


This 864-piece set includes bricks and components to construct a race car, a jet fighter, a scissor lift, or a robotic rover. Once built, you launch the LEGO app to scan and register your creation. The app connects via Bluetooth to bring your vehicle to life with realistic sounds and smooth multi-directional driving or flying controls.

For gearheads and speed demons, the race car zooms around tight turns and straightaways. Aspiring pilots will love maneuvering the jet through aerial acrobatics at supersonic speeds. If heavy machinery is more your thing, operate the scissor-lift to pick up and move objects. And techies can explore the surface of an alien world with the robotic rover, collecting rock samples and avoiding obstacles along the way.

The vehicles’ designs are sleek, and colorful and capture the spirit of each mode of transportation. Although you can only build and control one vehicle model at a time with the app, the set provides plenty of bricks to frequently switch between the four options. The building experience for each model takes 3 to 4 hours, so you can enjoy this set for days or weeks.

For LEGO and STEM enthusiasts of all ages, the App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle delivers an innovative, screen-free building experience and hours of programming and play opportunities. This set unleashes creativity and fuels imagination through physical building and digital interactivity. At $99.99, it makes a perfect gift for the budding builder or engineer in your life.

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Unboxing and Initial Impressions

When your LEGO App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle arrives, you’ll be excited to dive right in. Open up the box and you’ll find three numbered bags of LEGO pieces, the instruction booklet, stickers, and the new LEGO Technic app to control your creation.

  1. Start with Bag 1 to build the chassis, wheels, and suspension of your vehicle. The instructions are very detailed, with callouts for new pieces and how they fit together. Take your time – this first section has over 200 pieces to connect! Once complete, you’ll have a rolling chassis ready for the next steps.
  2. Bag 2 adds the engine components, including pistons, valves, and the power functions battery box and receiver that allows the model to connect to the control app. The engine starts taking shape with lots of interesting details emerging.
  3. Powering Up. After finishing Bag 2, it’s time to download the LEGO Technic app to your smart device. Connect the battery box to the receiver and your vehicle, open the app, and you’re ready to start controlling your creation! Use the virtual joystick to make the engine pistons move up and down, and watch your vehicle roll into action.
  4. Finally, Bag 3 completes the model by adding the body panels, seats, steering wheel, and sticker details to finish it all off. Once fully assembled, your high-tech vehicle is ready to race around, showing off its piston-powered engine and responding to your every command through the control app. The level of detail and functionality built into this LEGO set is truly impressive and provides an engaging, hands-on building experience you won’t soon forget.

Assembling the LEGO Transformation Vehicle

LEGO App-Controlled Transformation

Assembling the LEGO App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle is a fun, challenging process that allows you to see the engineering behind how it transforms from a vehicle to a robot.

1. Gather the Parts

Open the box and lay out all the bags of LEGO pieces by their numbered bags. This will make it easier to find the right pieces as you go through the instruction manual. Make sure you have a flat, well-lit building surface with plenty of space.

2. Follow the Instructions Carefully

The instruction manual provides step-by-step directions for assembling the vehicle. Pay close attention to the diagrams, as some pieces can look very similar. Connect pieces firmly but be careful not to bend or break them. If a piece doesn’t seem to fit, double-check that you have the correct piece and orientation. Take breaks when needed to avoid frustration.

3. Add the Power Functions

Once you’ve completed assembling the body of the vehicle, it’s time to add the Power Functions components like the battery box, motor, and IR receiver that allow it to transform and be controlled remotely. These parts are specially designed to be integrated into LEGO builds. Follow the instructions carefully for proper placement and connection.

Testing Out the App Controls and Transformation Features

Once you’ve assembled your LEGO App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle, it’s time to test out the features! The free LEGO Transformation app allows you to control the vehicle remotely using Bluetooth.

1. Connecting the Vehicle

Open the LEGO Transformation app on your smart device and turn on Bluetooth. Select “Connect a new model” and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your vehicle. The connection process only takes a few seconds. Now you’re ready to start exploring the app controls!

2. Driving and Steering

Use the virtual joystick on the left side of the app screen to drive the vehicle forward, and backward and steer left or right. The controls are very responsive, allowing you to maneuver precisely. Start with some basic driving to get a feel for it before attempting any complicated courses.

3. Transforming the Vehicle

The transformation feature is really what sets this model apart. Tap the “Transform” button on the right side of the app screen to convert the vehicle from car mode into robot mode. Four mechanical arms will extend from the sides of the vehicle, and the wheels will rotate to become feet. Now your car has transformed into an awesome walking robot!

4. Controlling the Robot

New controls will appear on the app screen for operating the robot. Use the virtual joysticks to walk forward/backward and side to side. You can also control the robot’s arms to pick up and manipulate objects. The transformation is so seamless, it really brings the experience to life. Experiment with different types of movements and actions to fully explore the robot mode.

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In conclusion, the LEGO App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle is an incredibly fun, interactive building experience for LEGO and technology fans of all ages. The free LEGO Transformation app works very well and adds a whole new level of play by giving you control of both the vehicle and walking robot modes.



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