Can Car Stereo System Be Used At Home

Car stereo systems have come a long way over the years. They have gone from having a monotonous sound to numerous features like a CD player, iPod integration, satellite radio, GPS, and an equalizer. So, can you use a car stereo at home to improve the sound quality of their home entertainment systems?


A car stereo system could be used at home if you can connect and wire your car stereo to your home sound system. As long as you can connect your car stereo to a 120V or 220V power outlet, you’ll be able to convert your car stereo to a home theatre and use a car stereo at home.

However, the audio quality of a car stereo, no matter how good, cannot compare to a home theatre set. The audio output of car stereos is designed to fill the entire vehicle, unlike home stereos. This means that you will never get the same sound quality as a home stereo system.

In this guide, we’re going to show you all you need to know to set up your car stereo at home.

How To Connect Your Car Stereo To A House Plug

Since car stereos collect power from the alternator and battery, you’ll have to rewire the stereo to be able to derive its power from a standard 120v or 240v wall socket. This means converting a 12-volt battery-powered stereo into a 120-volt electricity-powered stereo. How cool is that?

The first step is to unmount the car stereo from the dash kit and remove it from the dashboard. Once you’ve separated the stereo set from the car, you’ll need a PSU to create a plug for the stereo. A PSU is not mandatory, but it will somewhat make the entire wiring process more manageable.

PSU has many colors depending on its year and model. But in most cases, you do not need to use the blue, orange, brown, and green colored cables. The most influential colors for this connection are black, red, and yellow wire.

Use a wire stripper to expose about two inches of each wire to get started. Collect the yellow and red wires from your car stereo and connect them to the yellow wire on the PSU. You a tape to hold it firmly.

Connect the black ground wire from your stereo and attach it to the black on the PSU. In case you missed it, the yellow wire on your stereo is constant, black is ground, and the red wire on the stereo is ignition.

Once you’ve entirely rewired the stereo, put the house plug of the PSU into any wall socket in the house and turn it on. Your stereo will turn on immediately and is almost ready to give you the best audio entertainment. You should turn it off and connect the stereo to your speakers, then give it a try.

If it does work even after rewiring it, you should get a 12v converter power cord to power your car stereo at home.

Can A Car Stereo Be Connected To A Home Theatre System?

Car stereo systems cannot be connected to a home theatre system. However, you can use a receiver compatible with your car stereo system and click the receiver to your home theatre system.

What kind of speakers can be used with car stereo systems?

The speakers that can work with car stereo systems are usually powered and ported speakers. These speakers will work well with a car stereo system, but they are not the only type of speakers you can use. If you have an outdoor speaker or a subwoofer of some sort, these will also be compatible with a car stereo system even when installed at home.

Car Stereo Vs. Home Theatre Unit

While car stereo systems are usually used for listening to music in a car, some can be used at home. A home theatre unit is generally more expensive than car stereos, offering higher quality sound. While you can use your car stereo at home, you will find that the sound quality and features may not be as good as you would like them to be.

What Can I Use To Power A Car Stereo At Home?

There are two main types of power sources that are available for powering a car stereo at home:

  • AC Power Source: This is an electric current supplied to your home from the utility company, and it is usually 120 volts (USA) or 240 volts (Europe).
  • DC Power Source: This is a battery that has been charged to provide electricity.

You can use a 12V power cord to connect your car stereo to a power supply for home use. Alternatively, you can use a DC power supply to power a car stereo at home. Make sure that the output voltage of the power supply is the same as the voltage of the radio.

Keep in mind that all car stereos run on 12V DC but draw different current quantities. So, it is essential to know how much power is suitable for your stereo unit. You can easily find this information on the user’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Can I Connect A Car Stereo To A Bluetooth Speaker?

If your car stereo has Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect it to a Bluetooth speaker. However, if your car stereo doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll need to buy an adapter to pair your car stereo with a Bluetooth speaker.

To connect your stereo to a Bluetooth speaker, press the Bluetooth button to turn on Bluetooth connectivity, go to the settings menu to find a Bluetooth Connection, which in this case, is your Bluetooth speaker, pair and connect. This feature may only be available in double-din units and new stereo models.

These days cars can create quite a bit of sound from a small setup. The installation of a car stereo and proper sound system in your vehicle can provide a fantastic sound experience at home and on the go. The subwoofers, amplifiers, and speaker kits used in cars are portable. Components of a car stereo such as these can replace the existing audio system at home.


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