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XT.com Listing Announced by FGHT – Buy Now Before Price Pumps

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XT.com Listing Announced by FGHT – Buy Now Before Price Pumps

Fight Out (FGHT), the amazing new Move-to-Earn (M2E) crypto that is leading the pack, announced recently that its first CEX listing will go live on 5th April on the XT.com exchange. This follows previous announcements that the project will be listed on three other top cryptocurrency exchanges once its presale is over – BitForex, BKEX, and LBank.

This is an exciting time for Fight Out, which has already attracted plenty of attention from not only users and investors around the world, but some of the biggest names in combat sports as well. Fight Out has already partnered with championship boxer Savannah Marshall and UFC fighter Amanda Ribas, and more could come in the future.

As Fight Out is still in its presale stages, now is the best time to buy before its price pumps even more. Below, we’ll look at some of the reasons why this M2E crypto project is so impressive – and what the XT.com listing means for it.


Helping Users Stick to Their Fitness Routines

By rewarding users for working out, Fight Out is helping people stick to their fitness routines and not fall off the wagon, so to speak. It’s separating itself from other crypto projects in the sector because it doesn’t just track the total number of steps users take in a day. Instead, it’s an all-encompassing fitness and gym app that tracks many different workout and exercise metrics.

The great part about Fight Out is that every user will get a virtual avatar. When users workout using the app, their progress toward their fitness will be reflected on their avatar. So, as a user gets stronger, his or her avatar will get stronger, too. This is a great visual representation of a person’s progress, and will help them easily see how far they’ve come – and where they still want to go.

Users will be able to invest into building their avatar up, too, which will help to boost the value of the FGHT token in the process. And, what’s more, all of this will be easily shared with other users on the platform. The social aspect of Fight Out is another reason why people are more likely to stick to their fitness routines, and invest in the platform. They’ll be held accountable by other users, and also encouraged to keep pushing and going. 

In other words, Fight Out is helping to enable people to live a healthier lifestyle, and not just encouraging them to do so, but rewarding them with real-life earnings as well.

XT.com Adds More Validity to the Project

The announcement of a listing on XT.com adds even more validity to the Fight Out project. When a well-known and reputable crypto exchange agrees to list a new crypto project that’s still in presale, it’s a great sign for the future value and projection of that project. 

Xt.com has more than 6 million registered users on their platform, more than 500,000 of which are active on a monthly basis. In addition, there are 40 million users in its ecosystem. Coinmarketcap also says XT.com has a 24-hour spot trading volume that exceeds $733 million.

One of the impressive parts about XT.com is that it’s one of the first exchanges to integrate social networks into its trading ecosystem. That matches up really well with Fight Out and how it’s connecting users in a very social way. 

In addition to the three other crypto exchanges that are already on board with Fight Out, XT.com is adding more validity to the project, which is likely to soar the value of the token even more.

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Almost $4 Million Raised … and Counting 

Fight Out has already raised nearly $4 million in its presale, and it’s likely to continue its upward trajectory. Investors are attracted to the project for all the amazing features that it has – and the fact that it’s separating itself from the competition.

They are also urged to buy now because the price of the FGHT token increases every 12 hours. There’s also a 50% token bonus available for the presale. The bonus scheduled allows top-of-scale investors to receive a 25% investment on amounts of $50,000 or more and 25% on vesting periods of 24 months, which stays in place for the duration of the presale.

All of the Fight Tokens are subject to a three-month vesting period, after which owners can choose whether they want to extend their lock-up period. This vesting starts at the end of the presale and tokens will unlock every second over the period of vesting that’s chosen. Investors can claim amounts of the unlocked tokens at any time. This provides a lot of flexibility for investors, especially with such an impressive bonus available.

The listing price of the $FGHT token once it goes live on CEXs will be $0.0333. That’s much higher than the presale price, which will still be about $0.01 less than that. This makes the presale the perfect time to invest in Fight Out to get the best returns possible.

Buy Fight Out Now in Advance of CEX Listings

The news that Fight Out will be listed on the XT.com exchange is extremely exciting for the M2E project. It builds on the three CEXs that are already on board listing Fight Out on their platforms.

Fight Out has raised nearly $4 million in presale thus far, and it’s likely to cross that milestone in the near future. The presale will only be open until March 30, with the first CEX listing scheduled for April 5. There is a great opportunity to buy low on Fight Out now, before the price is likely to spike instantly upon the launch of the CEX listings.

So, don’t delay any further. Buy Fight Out now and reap the rewards of this amazing M2E project.

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