The Lawore Shorts Review

Lawore shorts are meant for everyday casual and athletic use. They’re constructed of a lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester with spandex for stretch. This combo means the shorts are breathable, quick-drying and allow for free range of movement.


The loose, comfortable fit and elasticized waistband with adjustable drawstring ensure the perfect fit and all-day comfort. Deep side pockets provide storage for your phone, keys or wallet. Reflective details on the pockets and legs increase visibility for early morning or evening workouts.

Available in several versatile colors like black, navy, olive and khaki, these shorts pair well with t-shirts, tanks and athletic tops. The 9-inch inseam hits just above the knee, ideal for a variety of warm-weather activities.

Performance and Durability

After putting Lawore shorts through the paces in various activities like walking, jogging, strength training and yoga, we found them to perform as advertised. The lightweight, breathable fabric kept us comfortable in high heat and humidity. The shorts didn’t ride up or chafe and the elastic waist stayed securely in place during any range of motion.

The polyester-spandex blend seems quite durable. After several washes, the shorts still look and feel like new. While not specifically treated to resist stains, any marks came out easily in the wash. At their affordable price point, these shorts provide exceptional value for everyday athletic and casual wear.

For maximum comfort, performance and longevity, be sure to follow the care instructions and wash Lawore shorts in cold or warm water on a normal cycle. Avoid bleaching and tumble dry low.

Testing the Fit and Feel

The Lawore Shorts Review

The following are some facts about it:

1. Comfort

These shorts lived up to their “ultra-comfortable” claim. The lightweight, breathable fabric kept us cool and dry whether we were going for a jog or doing high intensity interval training. The elastic waistband and stretchy material moved with our bodies, never feeling constricting.

2. Size

We found the sizing to be pretty accurate but the shorts do run slightly small. If you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing up for the most comfortable fit. The length was perfect for exercising – not too long or too short.

3. Performance

The Lawore shorts stood up to everything from cardio kickboxing to outdoor running. They wicked away moisture and were quick drying, leaving us feeling fresh after the most demanding workouts. The side pockets easily held essentials like keys, cash or a phone without bouncing around or feeling bulky.

4. Durability

After several wash cycles, the Lawore shorts showed no signs of wear or tear. The material retained its shape and the vibrant color didn’t fade. While not cheap, these shorts should last through many intense training sessions, making them a solid investment for any athlete.

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How the Shorts Performed During Workouts

The Lawore shorts are designed for high intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio workouts, so we put them through their paces.

1. Performance During Cardio

For cardio workouts like running, biking and using cardio equipment at the gym, the Lawore shorts performed great. The lightweight, breathable fabric kept us cool and comfortable, even during intense sweat sessions. The elastic waistband stayed put without slipping or digging in.

The side pockets easily held essentials like keys, cash or cards so we didn’t have to hold anything during our workout. The built-in liner prevented chafing, and the mesh panels improved ventilation and airflow. Overall, the Lawore shorts are ideal for any cardio exercise.

2. Functionality for HIIT

We also tested the Lawore shorts during HIIT workouts like kickboxing, plyometrics and circuit training. Again, they passed with flying colors. The flexible, four-way stretch material allowed for unrestricted movement. We were able to kick, squat, lunge and jump without feeling restricted.

The shorts didn’t ride up and stayed securely in place during even the most demanding exercises. The moisture-wicking fabric kept sweat under control and prevented overheating. For intense total body workouts, the Lawore shorts deliver high performance without compromising on comfort.

Comparing Lawore to Similar Brands

Compared to other popular athletic shorts brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor, Lawore shorts offer some key differences.

1. Price

Lawore shorts are typically a bit more affordable than the big brands. You can often find their shorts for under $30, while name brands charge $40-$60 for comparable styles. If you’re on a budget but still want high-quality workout gear, Lawore is a great option.

2. Fit

Lawore shorts tend to fit a bit more loosely and allow for greater range of motion. Their shorts are designed with athletic performance in mind, so they’re cut wider and looser than lifestyle brands. This can be ideal for high-intensity workouts where you need maximum mobility. However, if you prefer a slimmer, tailored fit, you may prefer shorts from Nike or Adidas.

3. Fabric and features

Lawore uses high-performance fabrics designed to wick moisture and keep you comfortable during workouts. Many of their shorts incorporate mesh panels for enhanced breathability. They also frequently include useful features like built-in liners, drawstrings for adjustability, and zippered pockets. Compared to some big brands that charge extra for “performance” shorts with special fabrics and features, you get a lot of value from Lawore.

4. Style

If you care a lot about having the latest styles and color options, Lawore may not be for you. They focus more on function over fashion. While they do release new collections each season, their styles tend to be more basic and the color choices are often limited. The upside is that their simple, straightforward styles won’t go out of fashion as quickly. But for the most on-trend looks, you’re probably better off with a brand like Nike.

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Overall, Lawore offers high-performance, functional athletic shorts at a great value. If you’re looking for budget-friendly yet high-quality gear for your workouts, Lawore shorts are worth trying. But if style, fit, or brand prestige is most important to you, you may prefer one of the major sportswear brands.


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