Nuraloop Headphones 2023 Review

The NuraLoop headphones are like nothing else on the market. These innovative earbuds actually learn your unique hearing and then adapt the sound to suit you.


Powered by the same immersive sound technology as the over-ear Nuraphone, NuraLoop provides a tailored listening experience that’s as individual as your fingerprint.

To start, you go through a short “listening test” in the Nura app to map your hearing profile. The earbuds send out a range of tones to gage your sensitivity at different frequencies.

They measure how soft or loud, high or low pitched sounds need to be for you to detect them. Once your profile is set, NuraLoop optimizes the frequency range, stereo imaging, and volume levels to match your hearing ability.

The adaptive sound is impressive but NuraLoop has more to offer. The earbuds feature touch controls, noise isolation, IPX4 splash resistance, and up to 16 hours of battery life. They connect via Bluetooth and the Nura app lets you tweak the sound with different audio profiles and a five-band equalizer.

While the sound quality and personalization are highlights, some users report connectivity issues and problems getting a good fit with the ear tips.

If you want earbuds that can deliver a tailored listening experience, the NuraLoop headphones are really in a league of their own. They may be slightly pricey, but for many, the customized sound is well worth the investment.

The technology isn’t perfect but if you value an immersive, high-fidelity experience and the idea of headphones that actually get to know you, NuraLoop could very well be audio bliss.

Testing the Personalized Sound Profiling

The real test of any pair of headphones is how they sound.

Nuraloop headphones review

The following are tips on how to test the personalized sound profiling:

Taking the Sound Profile

The Nuraloop app guides you through a short hearing test to determine your hearing sensitivity at different frequency ranges. You listen to a series of tones and taps and tap the screen when you hear them. The results create your unique “sound profile” that the headphones use to adjust the audio.

The test only took a couple of minutes and seemed pretty straightforward. However, I was skeptical whether such a short test could really create an accurate profile of my hearing abilities and preferences. The technology behind it, known as audiometric testing, is reputable. Still, a more in-depth test from an audiologist would likely be more precise.

Noticing the Difference

With my sound profile loaded, I tried the Nuraloops with some of my favorite songs and playlists. I have to admit, the audio did sound well-balanced and crisp. The bass came through clearly without overpowering the midrange and treble. Vocals were prominent, and I could pick out individual instruments. Compared to regular headphones, the audio seemed customized to my hearing.

That said, the differences were subtle. If I wasn’t listening for them, I may not have noticed. And while the sound was impressive, it didn’t provide a radically new listening experience as the marketing implies. For many, the audio quality alone may not justify the high price tag.

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Audio Performance: Rich Sound or Muddy Mess?

The Nuraloop headphones are touted as providing an unparalleled audio experience with rich, high-fidelity sound.

1. Crisp Highs and Thumping Lows

The Nuraloop headphones feature a well-balanced sound profile with articulate highs, detailed midrange, and deep, punchy bass. The 10mm graphene drivers are capable of reproducing a wide frequency range, from 20Hz up to 40kHz, so you can expect sparkling highs and rumbling lows.

Whether you’re listening to acoustic, classical music or hip hop, the Nuraloops handle it all. The highs come through crisp and clear, without any harshness. Vocals sound natural and open. The bass has power and depth without overpowering the mix. Overall, the sound signature is lively and fun, ideal for most modern genres.

Some audiophiles may find the bass slightly exaggerated for their taste. If you prefer a flatter, more neutral sound, the Nuraloops may not fit the bill. But for casual listening and enjoying your favorite tracks, the lively and immersive sound will appeal to most.

2. Adaptive Noise Cancelation

The Nuraloop headphones feature adaptive noise cancelation with three levels of adjustment. At the highest setting, they block out up to 95% of ambient noise, perfect for noisy environments like planes, trains, and coffee shops.

The middle setting strikes a good balance, blocking out chatter and background noise while still allowing some outside sound in. The lowest setting provides only minimal noise cancelation for awareness of your surroundings.

You can easily switch between levels using the touch controls on the earcups. The noise cancelation is very effective and helps immerse you in your audio.

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In conclusion, the Nuraloop headphones deliver a rich, vibrant sound with impactful bass and clear highs. The adaptive noise cancelation is highly effective at blocking outside noise.


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