Do I Need a Dash Kit To Install a Double Din Stereo In My Car

If you’re installing a new double-DIN car stereo in your dashboard, you will need a dash kit. Dash kits are like seat beats for stereos, they hold it firmly to your car dashboard to matter how fast or bumpy the journey is.


Dash kits do not just serve as housing that holds your new stereo in place or provide brackets to allow it to fit into your existing radio space, a dash kit will also improve the looks of your car dashboard area and interior design.

In this article, I will explain more about the double din stereo dash kit, what you need to install it and how to install it without spending a buck.

What do I Need to Install a Double Din Dash Kit

To install a double din dash kit into your car, the major thing you need is the pack of a double din dash kit containing the equipment that will allow you to mount the radio you want to use it for successfully.

Double din dash kits are of many structures and they come with additional installation accessory kits including:

  • Zip ties
  • 18-22 pink gauge butt connectors,
  • 14-26 gauge blue butt connectors and
  • Wiring harness.

Now that you know what you need to install the dash kit, let’s walk you through how to install it.

How to Install a Double Din Dash Kit

Since double din dash kits are of different structures, their installation processes are not the same, but in this section, I will explain how to install double din dash kits without any disruption.

First, clean your car dashboard with a dry rag and prepare the adapter kit for installation. connect the front trim with the left and right radio brackets to make it easily enter the radio when assembling it.

Secondly, After the connection, install the radio/stereo into the dash kit and assemble it by securing the right and left sides using a screw.

Once you are done assembling the double dash kit to the radio, you can now mount the radio into the dashboard area and cover it with the panel.

Are all Double DIN Dash Kits the Same Size

Double din dash kits are not the same, they are different in size, shape, and dimension.

For instance, a double din dash kit for a Ford car may not work in a Toyota car because of the size or the shape.

The best thing to do when getting a double din dash kit is to measure its size, or take the old one you remove from the car along with you when going to the store.

So, when you want to get a new double dash kit for your car, you must explain to the seller the model of the car you want to use the dash kit you are requesting.

Types of Dash Kits

There are varieties of dash kits in the market and the type of materials used depends majorly on the manufacturer.

  1. Wooden Dash Kits: One of the most commonly used materials in designing and manufacturing dash kits are woods (simulated or real wood). The wooden kits can be from cherry wood or walnut wood or rosewood or ebony wood. It’s used to blend and align with wooden dashboards of automobiles.
  2. Carbon Fiber Dash Kits: Dash kits produced with this outer material is usually very durable as they are made from composites materials. They have light weight too.
  3. Aluminum Dash Kits: Aesthetically, these are the best kind of dash kits in the market.

Best Double Din Dash Kit

There are many double din dash kits in the market, some are original while others are fake.

In this section, I listed and explained the best and strong double din dash kit you can use for your car aftermarket stereo/radio.

These dash kits are carefully selected based on the three criteria based on end-user reviews.

I looked at the best affordable, the best durable and the best quality.

Now, let’s see these best double din dash kits available in the market.

Scosche FD1428B (Best Durable)

Scosche FD1428B is a very strong double din dash kit built with high-quality material (ABS plastic).

It is built with a structure that allows you easily install a new aftermarket stereo in the factory location and it doesn’t require any special tools.

This dash kit is manufactured in the USA. It’s produced with precise tolerance which makes it a perfect fit and renders it gapless between the kit and the dash.

It is compatible with Ford cars of 2001 – 2005 model.

It’s also fit for Mercury and Lincoln vehicles.

So if you intend to get a double din dash kit for any of these mentioned car brands, you can never go wrong with the Scosche FD1428B.

With Scosche FD1428B, you don’t need to save money for another dash kit as it is built with everlasting equipment.

Metra 95-5812

Metra 95-5812 is a double din dash kit that was designed and manufactured with the sole aim of making your dash din radio sit well when installed.

This dash kit is affordable and it is built with high-grade abs plastic that makes you enjoy it for a long time.

Its viewport is 4 by 7 inches, and it’s easy to install.

Metra 95-5812 is designed with high precision tolerances that make it gapless and fits perfectly between the kit and the dash.

This dash kit fits well in Ford(2004 upward), Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles.

The design is sleek and would fit other brand automobiles. It comes with alignment pins that aid in the easy installation process.

It weighs only about 0.31 pounds. So it’s light.


Scosche Centric ICFD6BN is a double din dash kit produced with high-quality materials and it is rated as one of the best because it supports all types of aftermarket radio or stereo.

It comes with a complete installation kit that makes it easier to install in your car. So, no special tool is required.

It also comes with a step-by-step guide on how to install it. No hassle in the installation process at all.

This particular dash kit is backed by Scosche’s Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Tech support.

So if you are thinking of getting a new double din dash kit for your car, I suggest you purchase Centric ICFD6BN.

Does a Double Din need a Dash Kit?

Yes, an aftermarket double din needs a dash kit to make mounting it in the dashboard section easy.

To make your car look nice and untouched, you will surely need a dash kit that will allow the double din to sit well.

For instance, if you are replacing a factory double din with an aftermarket double din, make sure you get a dash kit that will sit well when connecting, and if likely it doesn’t sit well, you can contact a dash kit producer to help you build your car spec.

What is a double DIN dash kit?

A double din dash kit is a frame that is installed in your vehicle to accommodate your double din radio/stereo.

The double din dash kit frame is always in the form of metal or plastics or wooden and it is mostly designed to be of different forms and sizes.

So, if you want to get a new one for your car, you should find one that will fit in with your vehicle and accommodate your double din stereo.

Are there Universal Double Din Dash Kit

Double din dash kits can not be installed in all cars because some cars are designed to use only single din dash kits while some can only use double din dash kits but some can take both. These are called Universal Dash Kits.

The reason why just any double din dash kit can not be put in any car is that it is 4 inches high and 7 inches wide while some vehicles are 2 inches high and 7 inches wide.

In this case, when getting a new dash kit for your car, make sure you measure the size.

In conclusion, a dash kit is a must when installing a double din stereo into your car, and it is a must to get the right one that will sit correctly in your vehicle when you want to purchase it in the market.

So when you want to purchase one, make sure you let the seller know the type you want. If you have a kindly use the comment box below.


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