Can Soundbar Be Mounted Above TV

A soundbar is a compact, flat speaker that produces high-quality sound. They can be wall-mounted or placed on a surface such as a TV stand or table. They are typically connected to a TV via an HDMI cable, although some can be paired to a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or tablet.


Unlike older TVs which had speakers built into the back, modern TVs don’t have their own speakers because they tend to be flat and the thinness of the TV makes it difficult for the speaker placement.

This means that in order to get sound out of your TV you need to connect it with external speakers using either an optical audio cable (sometimes called Toslink) or an HDMI cable.

Can a Soundbar be Mounted Above a TV?

Yes, a soundbar can be mounted above a TV. There are several factors to consider when mounting a soundbar on the wall; above the TV. This is especially critical if you have a larger TV such as an HDTV or 4K TV.

Before you decide how high to mount your soundbar, it’s vital that you determine exactly which model and make of your TV so that you know what size of the soundbar is compatible with your television. The most important thing to check before buying a new soundbar is whether the unit has audio inputs and outputs. If it does not, then chances are good that it will not work at all with your current setup.

Reasons You Should Mount the Soundbar Above a TV

If you’re going to be buying a soundbar for your TV, you should mount it above the TV for the following reasons:

  • Better viewing experience. When you mount your soundbar above the TV, it means that it won’t block any part of the screen. When we were children, our parents would always tell us not to put anything on our television screens so that we could see what was going on without obstruction. This same principle applies when mounting your soundbar above the TV set: You don’t want to compromise your viewing experience by placing something in front of it.
  • Better sound quality. The best way to ensure that you have a great viewing experience is by having excellent audio quality as well. If you had trouble understanding what was being said in dialogue-heavy scenes because of poor volume and quality, consider mounting a soundbar above your TV set—this will give better bass and overall clearer audio than speakers near or below the television do because they are closer to where you are sitting.
  • Better bass response time (which helps with overall better sound). If you have ever been out at night listening to music from car subwoofers, then I am sure that one thing stood out for sure! The bass response time is much faster when mounted higher up than if they were placed lower down as most people do with their TVs these days due to aesthetic reasons from furniture manufacturers trying to save space on height dimensions!

The benefits of having good audio quality go far beyond just entertainment value; did you know that hearing loss can affect many aspects of daily life including work and social interactions?

Disadvantages of Mounting a soundbar above the TV

In many cases, mounting a soundbar above your TV is perfectly fine. However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of.

  • Sound quality: If the soundbar is too far away from the TV or other devices you are using, it could impact the quality of the sound. This can happen because as sound waves travel through space they become disorganized and less powerful. In addition, if your TV is wall mounted you may also have to deal with cables hanging around between your devices and soundbar.
  • Sound direction: If your soundbar is mounted too high in comparison to where people are sitting or standing in the room, it can result in low-quality sounds being directed at areas of the room where no one is listening to them.
  • Visibility: There’s always a possibility that furniture like wall drapes placed in front of your soundbar will block its visibility and somewhat ruin its aesthetic appeal. With this said, correct positioning when setting up a home theater system can overcome these disadvantages.

Your Soundbar’s Design Will Dictate Its Ideal Placement

When setting up a soundbar, one of the first things you’ll want to figure out is where to put it. This can be a surprisingly complicated decision depending on your soundbar’s design and your individual setup.

Your Soundbar’s Design Will Dictate Its Ideal Placement

Most of this is decided by how the speakers or drivers of the soundbar are tilted or oriented in order to best project their sound. The diagram below shows different orientations that you may encounter while trying to place your own soundbar:

As you can see, there are three primary types of orientation: downward-firing, upward-firing and omnidirectional. We’ll discuss all three briefly below so that you know what type of placement each requires.

So. Can a soundbar be mounted above a tv? Yes, it can! Although there are some disadvantages to mounting your soundbar above your TV, there are also many benefits that can make this the best option for you.

If you’re still unsure about whether mounting your soundbar above the TV is the right choice for you, think about these questions: What is my budget? Am I living in a rental where drilling holes in the wall isn’t an option? Do I want to avoid using extra wires and cables with my soundbar?

Hopefully, this article has helped you decide how to mount your soundbar so that it enhances your listening experience without causing any other problems.


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